Research Fund

Help us develop environmental management tools to ensure a healthy sustainable future

Every contribution matters and allows INREST to continue its research!

Why donate?

Water quality

by preserving the water supply and the quality of drinking and recreational water

Ecosystem health

in order to maintain the natural balance for the well-being of the public and workers

Food resources

by preserving water and sediment quality, thus protecting essential marine food resources


Research Fund


The research Fund aims to promote research and development tools to protect ecosystems, as well as the health and safety of workers and the public, in the context of sustainable development. 


The research Fund was created in order to promote and support:

  • Research in the environment, occupational health and safety, and industrial hygiene;
  • Research on the impacts of port, industrial, and maritime activities on the environment and on the health of workers and the public;
  • Equipping Quebec’s maritime territory through the establishment of environmental monitoring observatories in industrial and port zones, allowing near real-time data collection in order to implement the preventative “Enviro-Actions” management model;   [read more]
  • Training students through partnerships and collaborations;
  • Research on products and processes for human health and well-being;
  • Disseminating the results of the Fund’s research to the scientific community and to the public;
  • Procurement and maintenance of highly-specialized equipment to carry out the Fund’s research activities;
  • Partial funding of the Research Chair on coastal ecosystems and industrial, port, and maritime activities.     [read more]

Research for sustainable development

Based on the reality of economic development and the industry’s needs, INREST recognizes the importance of preserving the health of ecosystems, as well as the health of the public and workers. Consequently, INREST recognizes the importance of monitoring the state of the environment around industrial and port zones, and to equip this sector with the necessary tools needed for a preventative management, allowing for sustainable development around the St. Lawrence, as well as the entire maritime territory of Quebec.

How we use donations

All donations made to the research Fund are entirely used for research activities, to purchase technical equipment, to develop new projects, as well as for INREST’s and the CEIP’s management and administrative costs needed to carry out these projects. A portion of the Fund is used to support the Research Chair on coastal ecosystems and industrial, port, and maritime activities.

“Research is the foundation of science;
Science is the soul of knowledge;
Knowledge is the guide to enlightened decision-making.

Let's invest in scientific research in order to guide decision-makers into sustainable development and environmental conservation.”

- Julie Carrière, 2018
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