health & safety


  • Air quality: contaminant analysis and reduction at source
  • Organizational occupational health management and development
  • Nanoparticles
  • Moulds and micro-organisms and reduction at source
  • Sound levels and reduction at source
  • General toxicology
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Dust exposure and reduction at source
  • Radiations
  • Thermal stress and constraints
  • Lighting


  • Health and safety / industrial hygiene risk prevention in various sectors of economic activity
  • Health and safety management and intervention strategies
  • Principles of toxicology, industrial hygiene, work organisation, and ergonomics
  • Methods for assessment, diagnosis, and monitoring of health and safety at work
  • Research & development projects aimed at specific needs of businesses and industries
  • Contaminant reduction at source


contaminant sampling (air, water, soil & surfaces)

• Asbestos
• Bacteria and moulds
• Beryllium
• Oil mist
• Volatile organic compounds
• Formaldehyde
• Welding fumes
• Gases and vapours
• Isocyanates
• Metals
• Total dust, inhalable dust, and breathable dust
• Silica
• Solvents
• Other

Environmental noise assessment

• Sound measurements
• Dosimetry
• Cartography
• Frequency analysis of noise sources
• Noise reduction at source

Tailored training

• Respiratory protection
• Hearing protection
• Thermal stress
• Manager training on air quality, prevention, and health and safety
• Other customized training upon request

work-area and workstation registers

• Characteristics
• Used products
• Potential dangers
• Associated risks
• Personal protective equipment
• Work organisation

contaminant control strategies

Thermal stress and constraints assessment

Lighting quality analysis

Institut nordique de recherche en environnement et en santé au travail

Northern institute for research in environment and occupational health and safety

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