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Dany Levesque

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Julie Carrière

Executive director
ing. M.Sc.A., Ph.D.

Dr Carrière is a trained chemical engineer; she completed a Masters’ degree and a PhD in chemical engineering at the Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec). She has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of environment and occupational health and safety. Over the course of her career, she has led numerous research and consultancy projects. She also led an environmental analysis laboratory accredited by the Quebec Centre for Environmental Expertise (Centre d’expertise en environnement du Québec), where she was the Quality Manager for 12 years.

She has also played a role in training and supervising over a hundred young professionals, mainly in biology, chemistry, engineering, microbiology, geography, laboratory technique, as well as in occupational health and safety and industrial hygiene. Dr Carrière is also an associate professor at Université Laval and at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

Since 2013, she has been managing the Institut Nordique de Recherche en Environnement et en Santé au Travail (INREST – Northern Institute for Research in Environment and Occupational Health and Safety), which she co-founded. Dr Carrière was entrusted with implementing and managing an environmental monitoring observatory in the Bay of Sept-Iles – one of the largest environmental monitoring projects at a provincial level. Since 2015, she has been sitting on the Directors Committee of the pan-Canadian project CHONe II, which brings together 11 Canadian universities. Dr Carrière takes part in planning, coordinating, and carrying out CHONe II’s research projects in the Sept-Iles area. 

Building on her experience as an environment and health and safety consultant in the industrial port sector, she created the “Enviro-Actions” preventative management model in 2018. This 5-step model includes establishing an observatory and equipping the study area with the tools to provide an updated snapshot of the state of the environment in near-real-time.

Facing a disconnect between the needs of the industry and the requirements of sustainable development, Dr Carrière decided to undertake three major projects at the crossroads of disciplines. She founded the Centre for Industrial Port Expertise (CEIP) as a new division of INREST. The main objective of CEIP is to implement the “Enviro-Actions” model through the creation of environmental observatories and by equipping the St. Lawrence, in order to preserve coastal, marine, and freshwater ecosystems in and around industrial areas throughout the St. Lawrence.

The CEIP Research Fund was created in order to partly fund the Research Chair on Coastal Ecosystems and Port, Industrial, and Maritime Activities of the Université Laval, founded in 2020. Dr Carrière co-initiated the Chair, of which she is a co-founder.

As Executive Director of INREST, Dr Carrière ensures the scientific neutrality and respect of scientific ethics within her team and throughout all projects carried out at INREST and the CEIP.

Alexandra Power


With a Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Alexandra is currently the Coordinator at INREST, on top of studying for a Master’s degree. Her experience in terms of supervising and coordinating projects makes her an asset in terms of project management. As part of the INREST team, she participates in developing, planning, and carrying out environmental projects. She ensures teamwork coordination, as well as planning fieldwork and laboratory analyses. She also participates in data interpretation, report writing, as well as presenting results. Her ability to communicate allowed her to co-present the International Congress on Industrial Port Research (CIRSIP) as well as INREST’s Recognition Gala.

Viridiana Jimenez

Project lead | Communications
B.Sc., PG.Dip., Grad.Cert.

A marine biologist by training, Viridiana has over 10 years’ experience working in the fields of scientific research and public outreach in the non-profit sector. She holds a BSc in Marine Biology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Assessment and Management. Her passion for outreach and education have led her down the path of Environmental Visual Communication, which she studied at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. With skills in video production, photography, graphic design and communication strategies, Viridiana combines her scientific background with compelling visual storytelling to engage a wide range of audiences. She works to enhance people’s perspective and understanding of environmental issues to foster change. During her career, Viridiana has collaborated with several environmental research institutes in Europe and North America. Within INREST, Viridiana is a Project Lead and is in charge of Communications.

Dany Levesque


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Marieve Martel

Administrative assistant

Marieve has over 15 years’ experience in accounting and administration. She is the Administrative Assistant at INREST, where she supports management staff in various projects. She also helps with accounting and monitoring budget for projects. In order to further her knowledge, she is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Marieve also took part in organizing the International Congress on Industrial Port Research (CIRSIP), as well as INREST’s 1st Recognition Gala.

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